CANVUS Design Studio has built resourceful offerings that play a vital role in your brand’s success as follows below.


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The strongest brands are built on a concrete foundation of research and analysis. That’s why each branding engagement CANVUS Design Studio acquires begins with a comprehensive brand discovery process. Based on the state of the organization’s existing brand, we utilize a customized mix of primary and secondary brand research to benchmark and explore brand perceptions and identify opportunities for growth. This process involves learning about your core audience, marketplace, top competitors, and your brand’s current strengths and weaknesses.

Our brand research and brand analysis strategies are specifically designed for business to business organizations, whose most important audiences often include senior-level decision makers that are traditionally difficult to reach.

CANVUS Design Studio takes a comprehensive 360-degree approach to brand research and brand analysis. Leadership, employees, current and prospective customers, industry influencers and the market at large offer important perspectives that prove imperative in determining an impactful brand strategy. Each of these audiences is carefully considered, and the insights collected are applied throughout the development of your brand.

You can rely on us, to take you on the journey from inaccuracy to clarity. Need CANVUS Design Studio? Schedule a 15min brand consultation today.

Brand strategy is a company’s long-term plan for developing and managing those intangible, equity-bearing assets called ‘brands.’ Why is it important? Because when brands are thoughtfully managed, they have the capacity to bolster a company’s competitive advantages and deliver huge financial returns.

Your brand position must be relevant, believable and defendable to thrive. A strong brand stands for something and the most compelling brands claim the highest ground – they own a mindset and lifestyle. For example, Hyundai and safety. Mustang and speed. We also:

  • Assess your critical capabilities, resources, and assets
  • Review your strategic business, marketing, and sales plans
  • Determine your strengths and weaknesses
  • Audit your brands and branded communications
  • Survey your corporate identity practices
  • Conduct a broad assessment of your company’s reputation
  • Identify relevant economic and industry trends

Once distilled and analyzed, the data from this phase yields insights and implications that enable us to identify your unique brand position and develop a brand strategy that supports business performance.

You can rely on us, to take you on the journey from unplanned to strategic. Need CANVUS Design Studio? Schedule a 15min brand consultation today.

Brand identity development equals logo design, right? Well, yes, but that’s only part of it. It goes much further. At CANVUS Design Studio, we understand that while a logo is not the end or the whole of corporate identity; it is the anchor point and the most focused, familiar and oft-encountered image asset you possess. As such, it must fulfill technical requirements. It must:

  • Be simple in form
  • Have the capacity to communicate in purely visual terms— ‘work’ without dependence on verbal or intellectual interpretation
  • Express one central idea
  • Be distinctive within its competitive set
  • Perform flexible in print and digital formats: black-and-white, grayscale, reverse-out, and full color; at large, small, and ‘monumental’ scales; and in vertical and horizontal configurations
  • Be immediately recognizable, memorable, and enduring

Our brand identity designers are experts at handcrafting corporate signatures, symbols, emblems, and word marks that express the essential character of a business. On every project, we conduct a thorough, sensitive exploration of all design aspects: intent, typography, color rendering, iconography, symbolism, and more. We work through dozens of sketches and digital iterations. We generate a range of stylistic options to give clients a sense of choice and to provoke thought about how best to visually articulate a business to business brand.

CANVUS Design Studio has successfully guided numerous businesses through the complex processes of logo conceptualization, design, refinement, and buy-in. Whether for start-ups, spinoffs or rebranding mature entities, our portfolio is deep and distinguished.

You can rely on us, to take you on the journey from generic to exclusive. Need CANVUS Design Studio? Schedule a 15min brand consultation today.

Brand marketing for a successful business is never cookie-cutter or effortless. How so? Business goals, industry, audiences, sales cycle, competitive set, etc., all dictate the most impactful methods for marketing a company’s brand promise to its desired audience. There are some critical corporate materials that are essential (and expected) for conducting business. Materials such as business cards, email signatures, sales/media kits and PowerPoint presentations must be in place for a new or refreshed brand to continue its daily functions after a public launch. It’s how the brand’s visual and verbal essence is distilled within these tools that differentiate the ordinary from the extraordinary – the good from the great.

When you combine these essentials with the vast array of dynamic touch points we create for our clients, you have a fully-integrated, corporate marketing communications program that generates leads, drives conversions and enhances business.

Here are a few of the brand marketing assets that we specialize in creating for our clients:

  • Corporate Stationery
  • Brand Awareness Campaigns
  • Brochures and Collateral Templates
  • PowerPoint Presentations and Templates
  • Trade Show Booth Design and Production
  • Print and Digital Advertising
  • Email Marketing and Communications Programs
  • Multimedia & Video 
  • Social Media Marketing – Facebook Ad’s & Instagram Ad’s 

Of course, this is only half of the marketing story at our agency. In fact, a brand’s digital presence is largely its most valuable asset for communicating to and connecting with the world.

You can rely on us, to take you on the journey from unknown to relevant. Need CANVUS Design Studio? Schedule a 15min brand consultation today.