What is rebranding? Well, it’s when a company—big or small—decides to change the element and face of its brand to better sales, representation, marketing and etc. Why do some people shy away from this process? Because it’s basically rebuilding your brand from the ground up, finding different avenues that haven’t been explored yet, and strengthening every weakness of your brand. It can be a very stressful process with a very rewarding outcome if it’s done right.

Take BlackBerry for example, once known as a national cellular device company, one of the “best of its time”. They weren’t able to change with the times by rebranding and or adjusting to their target markets.

This is where you don’t want your company to go. Would you like to be known for a company that was an icon “of its time” or a company that is “great to this very day?”

Here are our 5 things to think about when rebranding:

1. Company Name

Make sure your brand name and logo represents your company and everything it stands for.

2. Growing With Your Business

With growth comes more responsibility. With more responsibility, you can start to become so busy that you don’t focus on your brand’s identity along with its growth. Many companies only see the profit and lose focus on how the brand is being shown, represented and identified.

3. Outsmarting Your Competition

Are you showcasing all of your companies, skills, services, offers, etc.? Many companies make the mistake of not showcasing all that they have to offer because they do not see the necessity. That ends up hurting them and their company’s growth.

4. Making Your Products and Services Understandable

Never sell a product or service that people can’t relate to, use or understand. If your potential customers don’t understand what you’re selling, then they most likely won’t buy.

5. Identifying Problems and Formulating Solutions

With any company, you must run a complete analysis of your business in order to identify every problem and find a solution. If you’re losing money through advertising, consider finding out why: If sales drop one month, find out what made that happen. Follow these 5 out of many steps that we at CANVUS Design Studio successfully use to build and re-brand our clients by maintaining and growing their companies.

We hope the information provided, guides you in the right direction. Need more assistance? If so, our team here at CANVUS Design Studio would be delighted to elevate your branding to the next level. For a complimentary brand consultation, schedule a time to speak with us today.