Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions about our packages and how it translates to being a necessity for your business. This list should answer most of your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact CANVUS for further explanation.

What is a Marketing Retainer?

A marketing retainer is an agreement between your business and ours that allows you to contract for as few as 5 hours of service per month. A marketing retainer gives you instant access to a wide range of professional graphic design services minus the overhead associated with a permanent employee.

What are the advantages of a Marketing Retainer?

By entering a marketing retainer agreement, you can save up to 15% or more on graphic design services. With a marketing retainer, CANVUS reserves your retainer time exclusively for you, so even if you have rush work or an unplanned need, we can respond to your needs immediately. For multiple small projects, you can take advantage of your combined work volume, and avoid the need to seek estimates, manage multiple contracts, and pay multiple invoices. A marketing retainer can also stabilize your monthly services budget.

How do I create and pay for my Marketing Retainer?

You create your package by choosing the number of monthly design hours. CANVUS offers packages ranging from 5 hours to 30 hours per month. Payments for your creative retainer are due on the first of the month. Contact us to discuss how a marketing retainer package can work for you.

What services are included in a Marketing Retainer?


  • Graphic Design: ex. promotional images, typographic treatments, t-shirt designs, flyers, signage, brochures, press kits, direct mail, etc.
  • Digital Materials: ex. social media graphics, blog banners, website updates, eBook covers and layout, HTML email template design, etc.


  • New Logo Design: If you need a new business, product, or project logo designed from scratch, this will be quoted and billed as a flat fee.
  • New Website Design: If you need a new website designed from scratch, this will be quoted and billed as a flat fee.
  • Expenses: Services do not include additional costs like stock photography purchases, subcontractor fees, web hosting purchases, and printing. We will consult with you before beginning project work to identify any fees or costs that may be billed in addition to your creative retainer agreement.
Will I receive an accounting of my hours?

Each month, CANVUS will prepare an invoice that shows all of the time we’ve spent on your projects.

What if I don't use my hours?

At the end of the month, if you haven’t used up all of your retainer hours, we will roll over 50% of your leftover hours for one month. After one month, the “rollover” hours expire.