How To Create a Strong Brand Identity.

The most successful companies in today’s economy aren’t necessarily the ones that have the best products or lowest prices. With supply exceeding demand in nearly every industry, there are 10 companies available and waiting to meet any customer’s next need. And what do consumers do when they’re overwhelmed with choices? They look for brands that […]

Personal Branding for Executives

If you haven’t given some thought to your personal brand as of late, you may want to consider how it is affecting your career. A survey showed that sales reps who use social mediaas part of their sales techniques outsell their peers by 78%, which indicates that having a brand that your customers resonate with […]

  In the global marketplace, it isn’t enough to just have a website and a social media page. For a business to succeed, they need to have a solid brand identity. A brand identity is the way that your business sets itself apart from other businesses, and the visual and interactive components that distinguish your […]