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So, you want to boost your business’ exposure. One of the options you have looked into is a marketing retainer with a specialized agency. If you are looking to increase overall brand recognition and awareness, a marketing retainer could be the key.

Reasons you need a retainer marketing agency in 2020 

Retainer marketing is becoming more and more in demand as business marketing requirements increase. Gone are the days where one simple advert will generate you enough business – now it is social media, advertising, AdWords, SEO, and the list goes on. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have all of your bases covered – one agency that will handle all of your business’s marketing needs under one roof. Keeping your brand consistent and recognized is vital to your business’ survival. But why should you consider a retainer marketing agency? Let’s find out.

1. 2020 is going to provide more opportunities for small businesses to grow.

Smaller brands are starting to be more and more preferred by the masses. People appreciate the authenticity and the personal approach smaller businesses have which makes them a competitor for the big corporations. However, they don’t always have the internal marketing capacity to expand and grow. They may not have the resources to invest and maintain a marketing department on their own. But small businesses will need a proper representation when people start doing their research. 

You may be a small or new business but you need to look like you are a worthy competitor to the big ones. Having a simple, beautiful and easy-to-navigate website is key. But if you want to convert a visitor to a customer, you will need a little extra help. This is where retainer marketing comes into play. Marketing language, tone of voice and message placement are what guides that conversion. Working with a marketing agency will help you and steer you in a direction for the time being but a retainer agency will ensure you keep going steady and doing better each month for a longer period. Ensuring growth and future development of your business.

2. Social media is going to be king, again. But with a twist.

New algorithms have been introduced, which make it harder to grow a following and hence brand engagement, organically. So social media platforms are now valuing consistency and authenticity more than ever. Customers too.

Let’s say someone somehow heard about your business. Your social media and your website are the first things people are going to see when they research you. The information displayed on both of those needs to be straightforward, consistent and up to date. This means having no posts for a year on Facebook will suggest you are out of business.

And if you tried this before, you know that maintaining a social media presence, let alone strategy, is a lot of work. However, a retainer marketing agency will take that burden off. Think of it as an in-house marketing and social media planner. Working together for months allows the retainer agency to get to know you and your business, adapt your tone of voice and hone your brand. Soon enough they will be able to update your social media naturally and will channel your unique tone of voice and ethos in ways that will benefit your position on the market and build a loyal relationship with your customers.

Not only this, but you will be able to showcase news and updates in a much more visual and influential way. Research has shown that posts with images get more engagement, but video even more so. So creating this fresh, branded marketing is key.

3. So many platforms, so little time. It’s not only social media too.

Different types of marketing content goes on different mediums and platforms. You should be informing and converting your customers through your website and engaging them on Twitter. Not the other way around.

As a business owner, we understand that posting 140 characters every day is not exactly your priority. However, if you want to prosper in 2019 and beyond you need to have a wider reach.

Digital marketing is stronger than ever. As we pointed out, growing organically is much harder now, which means your business needs to look, feel and sound right on every platform. Whether it is a brochure, a blog post or simply a tweet, they all need to be in tune with the value you are providing your customers. Tackling such a big task continuously takes a lot of effort and knowledge which may not be your expertise. You have probably hired multiple agencies for one time jobs and they all turned out different. Customers get confused when this is the case, and this confusion builds up to wariness.

Working with experts in that area will be a great boost on how your audience perceives you. You and your marketing retainer agency will set a goal and then they will make sure you move in that direction continuously while you sit back and focus on the core of your business. And the best thing is, you will be able to predict your annual costs with one fixed monthly marketing fee.


All of your marketing needs under one roof, for one simple monthly cost.

If you think your business could benefit from leading creative, influential marketing campaigns and industry-leading websites, all with a fixed monthly cost – we’d like to talk.