Think Of Us As Your On-Call Marketing Agency 

We handle all of your graphic design and website management or marketing needs on a monthly basis so you can focus on doing what you do best — running your business

What We Offer

Our retainer program provides a complete solution that includes all of the necessary services to build a solid brand into today’s marketplace.


Creative and unique concepts for new or existing businesses. 


Our award-winning design team produces tailor-made graphics ranging from logos to complete rebrands.


Achieve your goals through SEO, web design, email and social media marketing. 

Public Relations

Strategic communications to help your business build relationships with organizations and their audiences.

Social Media

Strategize and execute your social media marketing strategy across all platforms.

Web Development

Design, develop and host a site from the ground up or redesign and optimize your site with help from our experts. 

What Clients Say

Let our retainer program testimonials from a number of our happy clients show you why CANVUS Design Studio is the best investment.


PIVOHT Fashion

“We found their work to be exemplary. We would highly recommend that any firm looking to create awareness and increase visibility engage CANVUS Design Studio.”

Fig Restoration

“CANVUS Design Studio knows how to communicate with executive audiences in a compelling and credible way. The results speak for themselves.”

MLP Events

“The CANVUS Design Studio team worked hard to make everything come together perfectly. Their expertise helped us to achieve success.”

Berna Floor

“Their thinking, probing and investigating of who we are has led us to a better strategic plan, and the response has been outstanding.”

Urban Solar

“CANVUS Design Studio has worked closely with us in the development of each and every issue, performing extensive interviews and providing comprehensive research.”

Sierra Homes

“Thank you for your time and creative energy! We could not have gotten here without you!!! I’m so overjoyed with.”

Elevate Your Marketing

CANVUS is a one-stop shop for marketing services.

Stop Trying To Do It All Yourself, We Can Help Make Your Life Easier

Our team of experts manages all aspects of your marketing, branding, and advertising so you can focus on what you do best – running your business. Reduce your stress and save valuable time. Ready to get started? View our packages to select a solution that suits your needs and budget.