About us

CANVUS Design Studio is a marketing agency that helps companies to attract customers. Our task is to make your brand standout while growing CASHFLOW for your business. We believe marketing is king. It has the power to disrupt your competition, make your brand topic of conversation, and push people to act.

What makes us different? Our agency will research competitors in your industry and show you a side by side comparison of how we can make you standout even more. Our findings will determine your ideal target audience; niche and objective. After understanding these vital details, the marketing strategies and social media advertisements we produce are designed to advance traffic to profitable conversions. Doing this helps us to inject passion into new, emerging and existing brands.

At the direction of owner Nicholas Bennett and his team of expert strategists, communicators and creative heavy hitters, clients have been led into a positive direction while increasing their bottom-line. Regardless of a company’s size, we believe every business deserves the proper marketing to dominate in their industry.

To deliver on that promise, our agency offers a specialized program. The Power Packed Growth Program is a results oriented program designed to make your brand more profitable.