About us

CANVUS Design Studio is a branding agency located in Chesapeake, Virginia. We are dedicated and passionate about creating work that combines smart strategy, design and digital communication to achieve our client’s business objectives.

As branding experts, we uniquely articulate who our clients are and what they do in a way that makes them desirable to their customers. We find the truth about how our clients enrich the lives of their customers and prospects. We gain deep insight into what customers truly desire and how our clients uniquely fulfill those desires. This insight informs a simple and powerful messaging platform we call the buying moment.

To deliver on this promise, our agency offers the Power Packed Growth Program. A specialized program tailored to help you make sense of your branding needs. When you utilize our program, you can expect to see an increase in customer recognition, competitive edge, customer loyalty along with shared values, and a more profitable business. This result-oriented program is designed to elevate your brand.

We understand that you are in business to make money and that is our mission here at CANVUS Design Studio. At the direction of owner Nicholas Bennett and his team of branding specialists, communicators and creative heavy hitters, clients have been led into a positive direction while increasing their bottom-line. Regardless of a company’s size, we believe every business deserves the proper branding to dominate in their industry.